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What Is A Nandroid Backup & How To Do it? [Explained]

A Nandroid backup, as the name points out is just having a copy or backup of something in your device. In this post, let me make it clear what & why it is backed up and how it is done. 

A nandroid backup is considered as a good option before doing advanced operations on your device which possess great risks of data loss. Doing a nandroid backup keeps a copy of your Stock ROM and whenever you run into trouble or get bricked, it is just the matter of re-flashing the backed up copy to undo all the actions. 

Now let us see how a nandroid backup is done:


  • Get the device charged to at least 70%
  • Of course you device needs to have root
  • ROM Manager app (download from Google play Store)
Once you have fulfilled the above said requirements, then proceed to the following steps:

  • Boot your android device into ClockworkMod recovery using the ROM Manager app.
  • Entering into recovery, use the volume and power buttons to scroll and select the backup and restore option.
  • Then select the backup option. Give it some time to complete.
  • Then go to CWM main menu to reboot the device.

You have successfully created a nandroid backup of your stock ROM, now have some adventure on your device.


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