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How To Install ADB In 15 Seconds?

An ADB (Android Debug Bridge) is one among the most preferred debugging tools among the Android users who wishes to get the most out of their devices. It serves as a connecting bridge between the PC and Android device enabling you to do a variety of advanced operations using the appropriate commands.

It always creates a mess for some users during the installation of ADB as it involves grabbing a bulky package and adding it's path to access it from anywhere on the PC. Anyway it's time to forget all those unpleasant steps involved in setting up an ADB on your Windows PC. XDA Forum member snoop5 has introduced a Windows only tool which makes ADB installation too short that it can be done in 15 seconds.

The tool package weighs just 9.26 MB and installs ADB, Fastboot and the necessary drivers automatically within the above said time period.

For more information and download links visit the source thread at XDA.


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