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What Is DLNA? [Explained]

If you are a tech enthusiast, then definitely you might have come across DLNA or DLNA certification and you should be one among those folks who are a bit enthusiastic to know what it actually is; if so, you are at the right place. DLNA expanded as Digital Living Network Alliance is nothing other than an confederacy  of consumer electronic manufacturers established by Sony in 2003 with commonly established standards to share data over a home network.

When a device receives DLNA support, it means that the particular device has entered into the world of easy and convenient data sharing. The applications of DLNA enabled products in your local data sharing are unlimited. You can view pictures stored in your smartphone on your DLNA enabled television or computer, print the documents in your laptop or tablet using your home printer without physically getting them connected; all you need is just a WiFi network established between the various components.

The DLNA family within your home may not work smooth at certain instances. Trouble comes when some devices doesn't support the file format which is supported by other in the same DLNA network. One another barrier towards achieving smooth data sharing is the Digital Rights Management in certain devices which prevents sharing of files. One thing i have to say in specific is that, no Apple products are included in the DLNA community, but the company offers alternatives like Apple AirPlay which provide similar services for Apple products.

I hope that now you have a better idea on this term. Get down your questions as comments and i'll be pleased to look in to it.


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